Well hello there!

I'm so amped for my trip around Europe, Asia and Oceania and I thought it would be a great idea to share my experience with strangers. So here I am.

I'm currently going through everything I need for this trip and I have to say that planning this big journey is a task I've really understimated. Travelling for one or two weeks is something huge at the begining. But when you leave for a couple of months around the world, chances are you may not know what to bring or what visas you should get. As well as planning everything out, leaving your family, friends and trading your comfy bed for the unknown is something huge to consider. I honestly though I would never have had the courage to do so. Somehow, I did it. I did it because one day I would be asking my 80 years old self “Why’’. Why I had chosen to stay here, unfulfilled, rather than going exploring all those places I had always dreamed of. Maybe I would respond ''because money and time''. But these reasons definitely won't be good enough for a 80 years old man. They’re not even good enough for me at 19. With this mindset, I made the decision to sell my car, to quit my job, to left school for a year and to buy that first plane ticket.

The first chapter of this journey is starting in Europe where I’ll be travelling for few weeks before heading to Vietnam. Nothing is really planned and I have no idea about what to expect whilst there. But it doesn’t matter. On a trip like this, there is always a certain matter of things that you can plan and there’s always unexpected opportunities that will somehow come to you no matter where you go. I think that leaving open spaces to those unexpected things is important, even essential, as they usually end up making better stories and memories. 

I have created this blog with a specific purpose. I want it to be a creative space and community with inspiring stories that engage people to replace their fear of the unknown by curiosity. It’s not just about travel, it’s also about perspective. The goal is to inspire you make your ideas happen.

We all have a story. I think mine is about to get started.