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Travel is a way of life with our team. Explorations, discoveries and hardships have opened our hearts and minds and brought responsibility. Amplified Whispers’ narrative began with a passion for voicing local unheard stories. Our promise is to invest our net profits in local solutions. We are social advocates wanting to empower native communities to thrive. The world is rapidly changing, we’re here to listen and to amplify the voices needing to be heard. 


Our 100% model is built on providing a trustworthy and transparent model that tracks our funds as they are invested in the field. Each Chapter has a pre-declared local investment purpose. Net profits are invested in a fund collaboratively spent with established local impactors, impactors who will invest their time to integrate, train and monitor. We do understand giving comes with its drawbacks, such as dependency. We’ve committed to collaborate. Our sponsors enable us to keep the lights on and to launch new products and subsequent Chapters.

The purpose for Chapter One: Nepal is education. Nepal’s education system is of poor quality and schools in remote regions have little resources and low access to information. Being connected to the internet will begin to reverse the cycle of poverty. Quality education requires resources that students use for self-learning. Many NGO’s and charities are already working on building schools in remote Nepal. Global tech leaders such as Facebook & Google are in the process of connecting online another billion in the developing world. 

We see the opportunity, being a grassroots project, to provide tangible benefit. Working alongside reputable organizations dedicated to improving education in Nepal, our impact can be significant. There are now ever more resources online for accessing free quality educational content. Internet connectivity will as well enable students to engage with other students, collaboratively discussing, learning, and problem solving with peers from around the world. Providing the technology is the first step to make that connection happen: whispers amplified.

Concretely, we seek to:

  1. Invest in the materials needed to make the physical connection between the schools & the internet
  2. Purchase computers & tablets
  3. Implement adequate charging solutions